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Hip Hip. I passed the google analytics qualification exam. I really enjoy working with data and mining for insights so I found the process to be quite fun as well as informative.  Now I am onto the AdWords qualification. I highly recommend checking it out if you have not. Especially anyone working with and connecting digital content with the world. Maybe that idea you keep in the back of your thoughts will spark into the makings of a formal proposal by the end of it? In all seriousness, google provides all the training for free and it feels nice to receive validation in the form of a certificate.

Check it out at:


What is all this knowledge good for though? How can I apply my education to something that I feel good about? I did enjoy my time working with content publishing. It was exciting to liaise with editorial staff to create content more interesting and relevant for our readers. However, I want to explore working with non profits. Here is an interesting post on analytics and non-profits from nonprofithub.

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