getting started

And so I begin.  Many thanks to Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits audiobook and British Airways inflight entertainment. I highly recommend you get a copy and listen to it whenever you can. Also, make sure to always check out the audio entertainment on planes. It’s nice to fall asleep to.

This blog is for my own personal use as I am not taking a structured course. If you should happen upon it and have any tips, resources to share or words of encouragement, they would be very welcome and greatly appreciated.

I spoke with my husband and brother about getting started. They both suggested that I begin by learning to customize wordpress.


– The learning process will move quicker if I begin by customizing existing templates rather than building a website from scratch. Makes sense.

– Many people start websites with wordpress and realize when they want to further develop it they are going to need someone who knows a little bit more to help. Basically, there are alot of opportunities to work with established sites. 😉

– Tech liberation


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