editing wordpress themes and opportunity crawling

After a year of traveling between Cape Town and the U.S., I am happy to finally be applying for my spousal visa. Now with these new roots comes new opportunities… to make new opportunities.

I am in the process of compiling photos and recipes and am excited to launch my new foodie blog come October. Currently I am customizing my WP theme and learning about front-end development along the way. Also, basic photoshop and the art of food photography.

In other news, I am putting together an email campaign for my career in digital strategy. Currently I am compiling an email list for any business that may point me in the direction of what I seek. I like thinking about it like this. These emails are my own little spiders, crawling Cape Town to send answers to my opportunity query. Anything and everything seems to be possible at the moment. This is a exciting and humbling journey for which I am grateful for.


Check out these robots. Absolutely incredible. Impressive work BDRL!


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