metrics that make you feel good

Hip Hip. I passed the google analytics qualification exam. I really enjoy working with data and mining for insights so I found the process to be quite fun as well as informative.  Now I am onto the AdWords qualification. I highly recommend checking it out if you have not. Especially anyone working with and connecting digital content with the world. Maybe that idea you keep in the back of your thoughts will spark into the makings of a formal proposal by the end of it? In all seriousness, google provides all the training for free and it feels nice to receive validation in the form of a certificate.

Check it out at:


What is all this knowledge good for though? How can I apply my education to something that I feel good about? I did enjoy my time working with content publishing. It was exciting to liaise with editorial staff to create content more interesting and relevant for our readers. However, I want to explore working with non profits. Here is an interesting post on analytics and non-profits from nonprofithub.

lekker lekker


editing wordpress themes and opportunity crawling

After a year of traveling between Cape Town and the U.S., I am happy to finally be applying for my spousal visa. Now with these new roots comes new opportunities… to make new opportunities.

I am in the process of compiling photos and recipes and am excited to launch my new foodie blog come October. Currently I am customizing my WP theme and learning about front-end development along the way. Also, basic photoshop and the art of food photography.

In other news, I am putting together an email campaign for my career in digital strategy. Currently I am compiling an email list for any business that may point me in the direction of what I seek. I like thinking about it like this. These emails are my own little spiders, crawling Cape Town to send answers to my opportunity query. Anything and everything seems to be possible at the moment. This is a exciting and humbling journey for which I am grateful for.


Check out these robots. Absolutely incredible. Impressive work BDRL!


Naked WordPress

Shout out to Josh for making available his naked wordpress theme. I am thrilled to have stumbled upon his page. If you are interested in editing a wordpress theme or would like a simple, minimal design, then check out his site.

Naked WordPress  🙂






Hello fellow ds106ers!

Today I begin this exciting journey to further my knowledge of digital storytelling. I am starting an open course that explores emerging narrative genres and supporting technologies. Learn more here.


I created a new ds106 category on my self hosted wordpress site. The goal is to only link my related ds106 posts.


create a local web server using MAMP

Today I set up a development environment on a Macintosh computer for building PHP web applications with Adobe Dreamweaver and a MySQL database server (MAMP).

MAMP is a collection of things, it contains Apache web server and MySQL database server and supports PHP. That’s what is called a “stack.”

-web server

-database server

-web application


Now that I have my environment set up. I can develop and test my wordpress site with dreamweaver while hosting it through a local server.


This article offers more detailed information on the above and I found it very helpful.





getting started

And so I begin.  Many thanks to Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits audiobook and British Airways inflight entertainment. I highly recommend you get a copy and listen to it whenever you can. Also, make sure to always check out the audio entertainment on planes. It’s nice to fall asleep to.

This blog is for my own personal use as I am not taking a structured course. If you should happen upon it and have any tips, resources to share or words of encouragement, they would be very welcome and greatly appreciated.

I spoke with my husband and brother about getting started. They both suggested that I begin by learning to customize wordpress.


– The learning process will move quicker if I begin by customizing existing templates rather than building a website from scratch. Makes sense.

– Many people start websites with wordpress and realize when they want to further develop it they are going to need someone who knows a little bit more to help. Basically, there are alot of opportunities to work with established sites. 😉

– Tech liberation